From Beauty to Special Effects Makeup (and Everything in Between), John's work has been featured on movie screens throughout his 40 year career.  

John's career began to take flight at the age of 16 upon meeting his hero:  makeup maestro Dick Smith.  While in High School, John worked as a Dental Technician in an Albany, NY Dental Lab while honing his prosthetic makeup techniques under the generous guidance of Dick Smith. When John graduated High School in 1976, Dick recommended the 18 year old to NBC-TV's Makeup Department.  Over the next six years there, John worked on Soap Operas, News Broadcasts, Variety Shows and Saturday Night Live (with the Original Cast); putting the tops on the Coneheads and the soul patches on The Blues Brothers.   From there John moved from Television to Film work in 1980 as Key Makeup Designer on "Quest For Fire" which earned an Academy Award for Best Makeup.  


Through the recommendation of Production Designer Richard Sylbert (The Cotton Club), John was awarded the prosthetic department head duties by Warren Beatty for the film "Dick Tracy".  John considers "Dick Tracy" as the cornerstone film job of his career, winning the Academy Award, British Academy Award and Science Fiction Film Award for Best Makeup in 1990.  This was also the film where John met legendary actor Al Pacino and a life long working relationship began.  


In 2004, John won the Emmy Award for Best Makeup - for his work on Al Pacino in "Angels in America".  In 2009, John earned an Emmy nomination for his work on Pacino in the HBO Movie "You Don't Know Jack".  Pacino portrayed Dr Jack Kavorkian.  


In 2009, John also earned an Academy Award nomination for his work in "The Dark Knight", transforming Heath Ledger in to The Joker.  


At this point in his career, John believes "The better you get, the harder you work".  He enjoys every facet of makeup design:  From applying eyeliner and lashes on many of Hollywoods Leading sculpting, molding and applying prosthetics, John does it all.  


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