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Beauty Makeup on Rachel McAdams in "Aloha"


80's Beauty Makeup on Diane Kruger "Fathers and Daughters"

John & Al

On the set of Amazon's "Hunters" w/ Al Pacino.

John makes up actor Heath Ledger

On the set of The Dark Knight. Heath Ledger as The Joker.

Amanda Seyfried
Dianne Kruger
Jane Fonda
Heath Ledger
LittleFace from "Dick Tracy"

Little Face Makeup from the film "Dick Tracy"

The Joker in The Dark Knight
Cast of Dick Tracy
Amanda Seyfried
Amber Heard
Molly Simms
Emma Stone
John with Rachel McAdams
Emma Stone in Aloha
Dennis Quaid

Aging Neck, Jowls, Chin, Belly and Hump Prosthetics.. 1999

James Caan

Rough sculpt of James Caan Old Age Makeup 93 Years. "For The Boys"

James Caan 93 yr test

Old Aging Makeup in "For The Boys"

John making up Christopher Plummer

Sides of the face, neck and bald pate prosthetics

Christopher Plummer

F Lee Bailey makeup - "OJ Simpson Trial" CBS.

Dick Tracy's Pruneface
Dick Tracy

John applying the Pruneface makeup to R.G. Armstrong

Finished Pruneface makeup
John having fun with Russell Crowe
John with Al Pacino
Famke Janssen and Dakota Fanning
John with Johnny Depp, Donnie Brasco
Tea Leone
John in his Lab
John applying prosthetics
John with Dick Smith
Gina Gershon
John with Warren Beatty
Donnie Brasco
On Set
The Tramp.  Dick Tracy
Bette Midler.  For The Boys
Roseanne Barr.  SNL
Coneheads. SNL
Al Pacino as Kavorkian
Russell Crowe
Christopher Plummer
Vera Farmiga.  The Departed
On the set of Donnie Brasco
Marcia Gay Harden
John with The Bee Gees
Anna Faris
Dick Tracy
Woody Allen in Zelig
Al Pacino as Big Boy
Heath Ledger as The Joker
Ginnifer Goodwin
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