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The Makeup Artist's Workshop

I'm John Caglione, Jr.

With over 45 years of working experience in the film and television industry, I wanted to create The Makeup Artist's Workshop to share my skills, stories and insights with Makeup Artist's worldwide!  This is a place where you can learn every facet of makeup design, application and beyond!  A fun and collaborative place for everyone from aspiring artists, to professional artists and anyone who wants to learn how to do makeup!  I am very much looking forward to sharing my courses with you, and hope you join me LIVE for my weekly Zoom calls where we will collaborate!  I cannot wait to see you at The Makeup Artist's Workshop.  

Check out the Trailers for some of my Courses!  Learn everything from Beauty to SFX makeup!

Check out the Trailers for some of my Courses!  Learn everything from Beauty to SFX makeup!


The Make-Up Artist's Workshop

Take one of John's amazing courses and learn The Art of Make-up.

Let John instruct you on how to be the best make-up artist you can be!

Beauty and Glam

Learn how to create a corrective beauty makeup for film and television, and a high fashion glam makeup!

Sculpture, Texture and Advanced Mold Making for Silicone Prosthetics

In this course, John will teach you the art of sculpture and the techniques to mold making.

Aging Makeup with stipple and paint

Academy Award winning Makeup Artist John Caglione, Jr. teaches you how to do an aging makeup with stipple and paint.

The Glam Witch

In this course, John will teach you character makeup through The Glam Witch!

LIVE Makeup Artist Workshop with John Caglione, Jr. 

Jump on a bi-weekly team zoom call with John to collaborate and learn the art of makeup!  

Sculpture Re-Do

For this lengthy Re - Do sculpture lesson, John will show you from start to finish and with detailed instruction his process of flesh like facial modeling for silicone prosthetics.

More courses to be added here, so stay tuned to The Makeup Artist's Workshop Page!

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Taking The Show on the Road!

John is available to come to your organization and institution to teach makeup to your Students!  John has traveled to filming locations all over the world, he would love to come and share the craft with you.  Please email us at for more information!

Level Up Your Makeup Skills

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